Meet the Team

A photo of WildCraft staff -- a group of 9 women and non-binary people -- standing in a white room.

WildCraft is a women-led team with 5 full-time and 6 part-time staff. We work with over 50 teachers who lead upwards of 350 in-person workshops per year. Our internal team is driven by curiosity and the desire to create the most original, high-quality and meaningful educational experiences possible. As a team, we value inclusive collaboration, open communication and healthy work/life balance. We honor the skills and experience of everyone on the team and are grateful for each person’s unique contribution.

Meet our Video Instructors

Jorie Garcia

A photo of Jorie Garcia, a white woman with dark brown hair cut in a bob with bangs. She is wearing a gray turtle neck shirt, sitting in a white room, in front of a loom with various threads around her. She is laughing.

Jorie Garcia is a fiber artist and textile designer based in Portland, Oregon. Hailing from the Midwest, her early years of antiquing and study of architecture led to an appreciation for handmade details. A self-taught weaver of 15 years and a professional home goods product designer, her love for the world of textiles runs deep. In her teaching, Jorie aims to help others discover the freedom to tap into their creative sides. You can find her work on instagram @anntorian & @jorie_exclamationpoint

Olivia Smith

Photo of Olivia Smith, a white woman with medium brown hair cut in a bob. She is wearing a yellow jumpsuit and standing in front of a white draped fabric background. She is holding a punch needle rug with a boldly colored geometric design.

Olivia Smith is a fiber artist and textile designer living in Portland, Oregon. Her studio practice includes punch needle embroidery, wood carving, painting and relief printmaking. Her art focuses on patterns created by the natural world. Her work is bold, colorful, and often comprises overlapping layers of pattern and texture. Olivia is a lover of artmaking as a practice and can often be found lost in the joy of studio time. You can find her work on instagram at @oliviazitasmith

Lorelle Sherman

A close up photo of the face of a brunette white woman, Lorelle Sherman. She is holding a stick covered with lichen close to her face and has a small smile.

Lorelle is a bird nerd, wild foods forager, mushroom enthusiast, and forest ecologist. As a young birdwatcher, she spent long days in the forest eventually becoming intrigued by the plants and mushrooms surrounding her. She has been using wild plants as food and medicine for over ten years in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. She prioritizes sustainable foraging practices by incorporating her  academic background in plant biology and wildlife ecology with her passion for conservation. Lorelle has a B.S. Degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont and a Master’s Degree in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University. Helping others build meaningful connections with the natural world through birding, plant identification, and wild foods has inspired her to prioritize environmental education and citizen science in her career. Lorelle teaches guided birding trips throughout western Oregon and regularly hosts wild foods dinners for friends and family. Regardless of the class topic, she brings an infectious enthusiasm for our natural world through a scientific lens. Follow her journey through nature on instagram @lorellemorel

Rachel Zoller

A photo of Rachel Zoller, a brunette white woman with long hair, wearing a baseball cap and plaid shirt. She is standing outdoors in front of green leaves, holding a mushroom, and smiling.

Rachel grew up immersed in the outdoor scene in the Pacific Northwest backpacking, hunting and rafting the local rivers. Even though she spent hours in the off-trail depths of the forest, she didn’t pay attention to mushrooms until after college. When out foraging for huckleberries (with no success) a friend began to tell her about mushrooms, she went home that day with a hat full of Chanterelles and an inspired curiosity. Since then, that curiosity has fruited into an in-depth passion and knowledge of the world of mushrooms. Rachel teaches mushroom foraging workshops and lectures throughout the Pacific Northwest, is an active member of the Oregon Mycological Society, she runs a small but resourceful blog/website that addresses the most frequently asked questions from those aspiring to learn more about mushrooms, has a YouTube page that feature how to identify key edible mushrooms and other fungi facts and is currently working on her first mushroom handbook alongside Roost Publishing.
Even when it isn’t prime mushroom picking season, you’ll find her outside, most likely lying in the mud with her two young boys in tow, photographing the beautiful life of mushrooms. Follow Rachel through the forest via her instagram, @yellowelanor