Textile Marbling — Video Tutorial & Kit


Get the most out of your craft experience with our Textile Marbling Kit + Video Tutorial! This kit + video bundle will set you up for success with the tools, materials and instructions you need to create beautiful marbled fabric! 

Our Textile Marbling Video Tutorial, led by designer and textile artist Jorie Garcia, distills a complex process into an accessible video tutorial. This tutorial details the textile marbling process step-by-step, beginning with preparing your marbling vat, moving on to mordanting fabric, mixing paints and creating your marbled designs. With clear and concise instructions, detailed process shots and helpful tips, our Textile Marbling Tutorial will have you creating gorgeous marbled designs in no-time! 

Your kit contains a comprehensive set of tools, paints, fabrics and mordants as well as a printed Textile Marbling CraftBook, designed to supplement and support the video lessons through step-by-step written instructions. 

This bundle offers the complete package, ideal for curious beginners and enthusiastic crafters alike!

Included in your kit: 

  • Intro to Textile Marbling CraftBook, by WildCraft
  • Packet Methocel (methylcellulose), 24 grams
  • Packet Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate), 59 grams
  • Craft Smart Paint Set (Four 2 oz bottles—Red, Bright Yellow, Ocean Breeze, and Navy)
  • 4 Eye droppers
  • 1 Acrylic Tray (12.8" x 9.8" x 2.6")
  • 18 in. x 36 in. Cotton Fabric
  • 4 Small Mixing Cups
  • Strips of Newsprint 
  • Small stainless steel whisk  
  • WildCraft logo pencil

Materials to gather from home: 

Our CraftBook contains a comprehensive list of all the common household tools and materials you'll need to complete your project.

Our Textile Marbling Video Tutorial and Textile Marbling Kit can also be purchased separately.