Mushrooms of the Cascades — Video Tutorial


“I hope as I teach that I invoke curiosity in others. I truly believe you’re going to become a better forager and a better steward of the land when you start looking at things as teachable moments, rather than just looking for what you can take or eat from the forest.”

—Rachel Zoller, Myco-educator

Hedgehogs! Bearshead! Gills, pores and spines! Mushrooms are complex as they are comical—mysterious, magical and commonplace all at the same time. After nearly 10 years of offering in-person mycology workshops, we’re pleased to bring you an introductory video course by myco-educator and Columbia Gorge native, Rachel Zoller. In this 20 minute video, Rachel guides us through safely and sustainably harvesting a selection of common edible mushrooms, featuring lessons on anatomy and identification. Throughout these lessons, Rachel shares tips on where to find edible mushrooms, including their preferred habitats and conditions for growth. Viewers will take away information on forest safety, sustainable approaches to foraging, how to identify a selection of common edible mushrooms and a greater sense of how fungi are an intrinsic and integral part of the forest ecosystem. 

This video comes with a downloadable PDF NatureBook written in collaboration with Rachel Zoller. Designed to support the video content, this NatureBook contains a complete packing list, notes on safety considerations, both common and latin names of featured mushrooms, alongside detailed illustrations, descriptions, recipes and resources.  

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