Mushroom of the Cascades — Kit


The smell of rain is in the air, and you KNOW that means mushrooms aren’t far behind! Charge that GPS, grab your hiking boots and snag a WildCraft Mushroom Foraging Kit! We’ve filled this kit with high-quality gear, designed for mushroom foraging and made to last a lifetime, like our wood-handled, folding pocket knife with brush, mesh bags for preserving your harvest, and weatherproof, Rite in the Rain notebook made locally in Tacoma, WA since 1916. We’ve included an emergency whistle and sturdy metal carabiner compass: because ‘just in case’ is the name of our game! We’ve also included a comprehensive field guide, written by local legend Michael Beug: Mushrooms of Cascadia, alongside our Beginning Foraging NatureBook written in collaboration with myco-educator and Columbia Gorge native, Rachel Zoller. This kit will give you the tools, resources and gear you need to safely and confidently begin your foraging journey!

Included in your kit:

  • Beginning Foraging: Mushrooms of the Cascades NatureBook by WildCraft & Rachel Zoller
  • Wood-handled foraging knife with stainless steel blade & brush, (2.3” blade)
  • Mushrooms of Cascadia by Michael Beug
  • Rite in the Rain, top spiral weatherproof notebook, 3”x5”
  • Spore-printing paper
  • Carabiner compass
  • Medium mesh bag, 9.75” x11.75”
  • Small mesh bag, 7”x9”
  • Emergency whistle 
  • WildCraft logo pencil

Materials to gather from home: 

Our Beginning Foraging: Mushrooms of the Cascades NatureBook contains a complete packing list for a typical 1-day excursion in the PNW forests.

To get the most out of your foraging experience, we highly recommend purchasing the Video & Kit Bundle, which, in addition to the Kit, gives you access to our Beginning Foraging: Mushrooms of the Cascades Video Tutorial!